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Consulting Agency (CA) «Dmira» started its activity in 2011, when a number of young and enthusiastic professionals who specialize in different areas of their professions decided to join forces and entered the market of consulting services with ideas «"one window"», for example, the client receives in one place the greatest possible amount of services than saves time!

LEGAL SERVICES it is that without which life of modern man and the company, keeping pace with the times is impossible! CA «Dmira» provides legal services to both individuals (citizens, individual entrepreneurs) or legal entities (both commercial and non-profit companies).

Legal services for legal entities include the entire spectrum of modern legal services: from advice on issues arising in the current activities of the organization to representation in court in all instances, and from the preparation of the contract to oversee the processes of merger or division of companies (purchase of one company by another).

Legal services for individuals include service on such topical issues as protection of consumer rights, the protection of the housing rights of citizens and other issues affecting the rights and legitimate interests of individuals.

During its activity CA«Dmira» had qualified legal assistance to many of its customers as  physical and legal entities. The agency experts took part in more than 1000 lawsuits in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts. With respect to legal entities it has a successful track record of doing things related to anti-raider seizure; affairs relating to insolvency (bankruptcy) of enterprises; cases of reorganization of legal entities (including those with problem debts through the courts); the practice of registration of real estate (including a court), and other matters relating to the current activities of the legal entity. With respect to individuals accumulated rich practice of solving legal issues in family, housing, labor, civil rights, including the protection of consumer rights of car owners. Work with citizens payable to credit institutions, including banks, other legal issues are resolved.

REAL ESTATE SERVICES, provided by CA«Dmira» consist in individual approach to each client. CA «Dmira» provides a wide range of real estate services to both individuals and legal entities. Individuals: the selection of residential properties for rent or renting, buying and selling residential real estate, recruitment support transactions or the purchase and sale of residential real estate and other services! For legal entities: registration of residential real estate in the Russian Fed and other government agencies, tracking transactions, the subject of which is real estate (residential and non-residential), and other services!

During its existence, CA «Dmira» It had a professional real estate assistance to many businesses and individuals. In the normal course of business CA «Dmira» with help of it's real estate experts clients (legal entities) has been picked up a significant amount of commercial real estate premises of various sizes, ranging from 20 square meters to 1 thousand sq. m. For individuals was carried out the search of residential real estate of different sizes and qualities for the purpose of  sale\buy or lease 

TRANSLATIONS from\on different languages occupy an important place in the CA «Dmira» activities;. The specifics of the services rendered in this field, is, that, along with well-known language pairs (for example, English - Russian), carried out the work, and with a fairly rare languages (Hebrew, Korean).

During its existence in CA «Dmira» translation services was performed many translations for different clients. Was made translation of constituent documents of the company & nbsp; XOVIKA LIMITED, regulations Canadian family law and legislation of the European Union (EU), financial (audit report) documentation of separate legal entities. Also, make translations for the purposes of news posting on customer sites.

INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT AND EXAMINATION plays an important role in CA «Dmira» activity. These services are in demand both legal and natural persons.So, CA «Dmira» by self or with the help of its partners, provides an independent examination car damage, assess the amount of damage from illegal actions of third parties (for example, to heat residential or non-residential premises), estimates the cost of hardware, business, and also carries out other types of evaluation and assessment.

During it's work CA «Dmira» with the help of its partners was carried out a large number of independent examinations and assessments (property damage, business).  These services are equally in demand by both physical and legal persons. Among individuals the most popular is the independent examination of the damage (for example, apartment damage after fire, etc.). The legal  persons engaged in  money valuation of property (movable and immovable)

MEDICAL SERVICES.  One of the main directions of CA «Dmira» activity, together with its partners, is to ensure the provision of quality health services fro the best specialists in the best clinics in the United States, Israel and Europe.

Customers, who want to take advantage of medical direction of CA «Dmira» activity, even in the moment of their stay in the country before sending for treatment in either the US clinic, Europe and Israel already receive a range of services associated with the receipt of certain documents of a medical nature, as well as visas.

During the entire existence in CA «Dmira» medical direction of it's activity large amount Russian citizens used it for their medical treatment, who have received successful treatment varied, ranging from the treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea (Israel) to the complex heart operations (US).

DEAR FRIENDS! After reviewing the history of the Consulting Agency «Dmira», it's main directions and achievements, we are like-minded team of professionals in their field waiting for you to visit us as customers and \ or partners!

We are open to new ideas and are willing to co-operate by providing high-quality service for current trends and other services, the range of which is always updated by our partners and friends!

We are glad to see You!

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