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For individuals (Russian citizens, foreign citizens and stateless persons)

    - valuation of property;

    - assessment of damages in case of accident;

    - assessment of damage from fires, other damage;

    - auto-technical and trasological expertise ;

    - handwriting expertise;

    - fingerprinting, ballistics expertise;

    - expertise of bladed weapons;

    - technical and forensic examination of documents.

For legal entities (commercial and non-commercial organizations), individual entrepreneurs

    - assessment of equipment and vehicles;

    - merchandising expertise;

    - construction-technical expertise;

    - accounting, tax, economic expertise;

    - environmental assessment.

Specialists and experts CA "Dmira", as well as its partners, will perform for you almost any examination and conduct a professional assessment of your property, business and assets. Specialists of CA "Dmira" and its partners have all the necessary permits to carry out almost any expert and independent assessment. On request, staff can go into its territory to carry out the necessary examinations and assessment.

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